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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Worst movie ever!

Let me save you 8 bucks and a bucket of popcorn right now- Miracle at St Anna sucks hind tit. Really. It may be the worst movie I've seen in a year or more.

I know this movie is Spike Lee's big movie that he hopes to score an Oscar with later in the year, but this movie is just horrible. First of all, its 2 hours and 40 minutes long and there are enough unrelated, disconnected and disjointed scenes included that should have been cut out that the movie could have been cut back to 2 hours easily. There are scenes- including scenes that include titties, that are completely unneccesary to the story and should have been left on the editing room floor.

Next, this is a war story, so there's violence on the screen, lots of violence. In some of the scenes it is as gritty as Saving Private Ryan. But there's lots more violence, scenes of women and children being slaughtered by the evil Nazis that are just gratuitious and ugly and unneccesary to the story. The tale could have been told just as easily without the very excess violence.

And this is a story about 4 black soldiers from the 92nd Infantry Division, a segregated unit. So the story is about the war from the point of view of these 4 soldiers, the good hearted but simple giant, the womanizing preacher and two more soldiers just trying to get out of Italy alive. There's lots of yakking about their fears and feelings and flashbacks to how they were mistreated back in the US in spite of their uniforms. And it seems to go on forever!

There's magic- a little Italian boy that one soldier rescues revives a broken radio just by touching it; there are ghosts and two soldiers fighting to have first chance to seduce the one attractive woman in the village and there is a back story of the Italian Partisan rebels and their tales of treachery and traitors.

There's also, (and finally) a modern day story about a marble head, missing for decades from a famous bridge that's found in the closet of a murderous postal employee that is supposed to tie all these strings together into a comprehensive story. It all fails quite miserably in my humble opinion. Finally, the movie is called Miracle at St Anne, but I couldn't find a miracle when only 2 people survived the inevitable Nazi overrun of the village. That's hardly a miracle in my book!

This story is overblown, over-acted and under edited, all for the sake of Spike Lee aiming for a big prize with the Academy. Its horrible, skip it!

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